Apple iPhone 6: All Rumors, Myths, Leaks and Updates summarized


Apple brings innovations out of the box into smartphones, and play by their own rules. But at times they are predictable too. Just for example, their iOS7 redesign, OS upgrade intervals, OS upgrade compatibility of the devices, device form factor structure, naming conventions, such as the number, next being number added with an S (like iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S) and then bringing a newer number into existence. The difference they got the previous year was diverging the flagship smartphone customer base into two categories economy wise (however, not successful in few countries like India, etc. due to currency exchange rates) with the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C launch. The iPhone 5S got a new processor inside, which was the world’s first 64 bit mobile processor, and a new fingerprint based locking system. The iPhone 5C wore colorful plastic (they call it polycarbonate) shells and housed the exact iPhone 5 inside them. Now just after these two handsets were launched, the Apple iPhone 6 rumors went higher. We have heard way too many Apple iPhone 6 rumors. Few were okay, few were bizarre, few can be expected and few iPhone 6 rumors are strange, but acceptable considering the parent company that does bring loads of innovations. So, I collected all the possible Apple iPhone 6 rumors floating around, the most significant ones, and bring it to you.

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An iPhone 6 concept (illustrative purposes only). Source: BGR

Apple iPhone 6 Screen Size

Apple iPhone 6 rumors are high on the charts related to screen size. While from now it is expected that Apple will be launching two smartphones each year, news is high that they might have an entry into the phablet segment, and have a larger display screen size. This is evident from the different prototype Apple is testing. Either of two rumors says that both the launches in 2014 will have large screen sizes, one larger than the iPhone 5S, other even higher than that, making way into the phablet segment. The other Apple iPhone 6 rumors go as one will be sporting the 4 inch display size carrying forward from the iPhone 5 generation, and the other can go for higher screen size.

However, as of now, Apple is testing prototypes from 4.7 inch screen size to 5.5 inch screen size. This is to be noted as Apple always stuck to the plan of a smartphone screen size that could be operated with one single hand, they are working in direction of making a partial curved screen bent/tapering at the bottom edge for convenient usage. Primarily, we can expect as what Bloomberg once reported that the iPhone 6 will be launched in 2014 in two variants, one 4.7 inch screen size and the other having 5.5 inch screen size, and either or both of them may have a curved display.

Apple iPhone 6 Display

Apple has always been using Corning Gorilla Glass for making tough, scratch resistant screens. Also, Apple has been refraining from changing display resolutions frequently to aid the developers by not again and again adding assets for their apps. But this time its most likely they will change the display resolution for the Apple iPhone 6.

The most striking news that has recently surfaced is that the Apple iPhone 6 might use Sapphire glass on the display too. Sapphire glass is a tough transparent element that has been used in iPhone for their small elements such as the camera lens, as well as the home button on the iPhone 5S. Apparently, Ubuntu has also proposed the use of Sapphire crystal glass for their upcoming smartphone, Ubuntu Edge’s display, the way Apple would be using it is going to raise eyebrows to a new higher level. As per the Apple iPhone 6 rumors have surfaced, the Apple iPhone 6 will be consisting of a solar charging sapphire glass screen. No, I’m not drunk. I’m just informing about the latest developments that has taken place. Apparently, Apple has the patent for an iPhone display with integrated touch sensor and solar assembly. If they are able to bring this piece of patented technology into production, there will be a whole new segment, and that will be greener as well. Just imagine using the phone in sunlight can also juice up the battery. That will certainly end up complains of the iPhone users of quick draining batteries.

The Sapphire glass is too expensive to produce, but Apple and Ubuntu giving good investments on its production, the prices might come down as well. Also, the rumors are high that Apple might bring curved display sizes into existence, for better operability with one hand even in larger screen sizes such as 4.7 inch or 5.5 inch. Also, the curved displays might be flat at the top edge, with tapered curving in the bottom edge, where the hands hold a phone.

Apple iPhone 6 processor

Considering the iPhone 6 rumors, the Apple iPhone 6 is supposedly carrying an enhanced version of the A7 processor chip from the iPhone 5S. The processor will be called the A8 chip, it will be the 64 bit processor and will be built on the 20 nanometer manufacturing process, built by Samsung. It will still inherit the motion processor chip from the Apple iPhone 5S.

Apple iPhone 6 Camera

The Apple iPhone 6 is believed to have a new 13 megapixel camera at the rear. But there also are few more Apple iPhone 6 rumors that insist that it will enhance the same 8 megapixel image sensor from the iPhone 5S which it inherited and enhanced from its grandfather, the iPhone 5. The suggested enhancements may be addition of an optical image stabilizer (OIS), larger aperture size, etc.

It is interesting to know that Apple owns the patent for a professional photography control from the iPhone, which means wireless control and addition of equipment such as wireless flash, additional lights, triggers, etc. But I guess that will merely remain one of the iPhone 6 rumors, rather not expecting them in the iPhone 6 at least. Probably in the iPhone 7 or 8 we might see that as well

Apple iPhone 6 Operating System: iOS 8

Following Apple on its Operating System release patterns, the iOS 8 will be the default operating system the Apple iPhone 6 will be shipped with. However, it seems that the iOS 8 is still in its early phases, or Apple is really laying low on it, so nothing much is known about the iOS 8 as of now. All that is expected, that Apple might bring better maps since the disaster they performed with the iOS 6’s maps.

Apple iPhone 6 storage

Now when the iPad has too got a 128 GB storage space, and day by day the craving for space among the generations using these devices are shooting high, we might expect the iPhone 6 to come up with a 128GB storage option. However, that might be a way too expensive deal. In few countries like India where the currency exchange rates are pathetically high, and already the iPhone 5S prices are more than the on-road prices of many mid range motorbikes, the iPhone 6, if launched with a 128 GB storage system can shoot almost equal to the price of the cheapest available cars.

Apple iPhone 6 other features

The Apple iPhone 6 will reportedly have the NFC (near field communication) capability, wireless charging and will carry the fingerprint sensor as well. However, this isn’t known much that the home button will be present on the iPhone 6 or the fingerprint sensor will be integrated into the screen, because another rumor that is surfacing tells that the Apple iPhone 6 might have a totally new form factor.

Apple iPhone 6 launch date

Tracking the patterns and the iPhone 6 rumors again, Apple is likely to go for the iPhone 6 launch in September 2014. It is likely evident from the event of 2013 that the company will again be launching two smartphones. What the other one will be called, iPhone 6C or not, that remains a mystery.

So, as of now that’s it for the detailed Apple iPhone 6 rumors. I have compiles the most significant Apple iPhone 6 rumors, otherwise there are more bizarre news of having a movable lens camera, and many more. And Apple too, has patents already for almost anything bizarre the human brain can think of. So a lot more of iPhone 6 rumors can keep kicking in, which I’ll be updating you from time to time. Please mind, these are rumors, expected ones, and none are confirmed officially until the launch event happens in the month of September 2014. Lets keep waiting till then, I’ll keep you updated with the remaining. Till then, have a fruitful time, earning a fortune enough to afford the iPhone 6.

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