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Every geek and gadget savvy is freaking out in front of their screens to get more and more information about the Apple event which started at 10 a.m. PST at the Apple’s Cupertino headquarter in California. It is well known to every one that today Apple Inc. is going to launch the much anticipated successor to the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S, and also, a pocket friendlier version, the cheaper iPhone with a name of iPhone 5C, which will be replacing the iPhone 4 and 4S from the market. With this event, the smartphone giant also announced the official debut of the iOS 7, the most significant update of the Apple’s mobile OS platform since the very first iPhone.

Apple 10 september event Live poster iPhone 5C iphone 5S launch - TechLobe

The promotional poster used by Apple for the 10th September event

I can see almost every blog or website live streaming their pages, I would rather like to keep it simpler. Lets classify them into categories for better knowledge and readability, and you have all the information you need in different headings. PS: I’m manually updating it for you while the event is going on live, just keep hitting the refresh button from time to time. At the end of the live apple event, you’ll have a complete info here in this article on the Apple’s latest launches and announcements

iPhone 5S

Apple always has a habit of keeping it secret, and let the buzzwords spread well in the market. Still, the rumors and paparazzi have worked well on causing enough leaked images, videos and information that the iPhone 5S will have a champagne-golden color shell, and will also house a fingerprint reader. Well, the information is true. Not only this, there is a lot more to be added to the iPhone 5S with the time its being revealed.

Apple 10 september event  iPhone 5C iphone 5S launch - TechLobe

iPhone 5S color variants. Courtesy: engadget.

The Apple 5S is identical in size to its predecessor, the iPhone 5, housing a 4 inch retina display screen. Overall, iPhone 5 and 5S are too much look alike, although apple is rumored to have been working with larger displays as well, probably the iPhone 6.

What’s new in the iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S houses Apple’s latest development, a 64 bit A7 chip at its heart, and Apple Inc. pronounces the iPhone 5S as the “World’s first and only smartphone with a 64 bit chip”. The phone’s CPU and graphics is twice as fast as the iPhone 5. Also, in addition to the A7 processor chip, and a hell lot of processing and graphics tweaks, the Apple iPhone 5S also houses a M7 motion coprocessor, which continuously measures the motion data and is the heart and soul of the phone’s digital compass, gyroscope and accelerometer.

The iPhone 5S has an aluminum body, and will be available in three color variants: Gold, Slate and Silver. As for the battery life, the iPhone 5S’s battery will have a 10 hours 3G talktime which is a good backup symbol.

Camera in iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S houses an entirely brand new 5 element camera designed in house by apple, which has a 2.2 aperture and a 15% bigger image sensor as compared to the iPhone 5. The camera incorporates a burst mode, which can take 10 photos at a time, in a frame rate of 10fps. This frame rate is totally incredible and is found mostly in high end DSLRs above a price tag of $1000. Apple has also experimented with the LED flash on the iPhone 5S to provide a better white balance. It is a dual flash, where one LED gives out cool light, and the other a warm light, to combine a better white balance experience on the iPhone 5S. the iPhone 5S will also support slow motion videography at a frame rate of 120 fps.

Fingerprint reader security in the iPhone 5S

Well, somehow this has been the biggest anticipated feature on the iPhone 5S, therefore I’ll be taking a little detail on this. Apple has named this security system a touchy name: Touch ID. The engineers at Apple have been able to make a Touch ID capacitive sensor (as they say it) which is 170 microns thin and has a resolution of 500 ppi, and is able to scan sub epidermal layers of the skin, with 360 degrees readability, which means you need not hold the phone straight to unlock it. Amazing news is that the fingerprint based password shall work on all the apps, wherever a password is required. However, the iPhone 5S isn’t a single user oriented, and can store multiple finger prints. Which means multiple users can unlock and use the phone with their biometrics.

touch id fingerprint reader - Apple 10 september event  iPhone 5C iphone 5S launch - TechLobe

Price and Availability of the iPhone 5S

The Apple iPhone 5S will be available on a 2 year contract in three variants, the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants. The 16GB variant is priced at $199, the 32GB is priced at $299, and the 64GB variant is priced at $399. Starting September 13th, the US consumers will be able to pre-order the iPhone 5S. By September 20 iPhone 5S will also be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and UK. Apple has announced that the iPhone 5S will be launched in 100 countries by the end of the year 2013.

iPhone 5C

Coming to the iPhone 5C, I already told a lot about it in a previous post. However, here are the confirmed news, confirmed on stage by Phill Schiller. The retina display stays with the iPhone 5C, in a 4 inch display shared from the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5C is powered by the A6 processor chip, the same heart that keeps the iPhone 5 alive. The iPhone 5C has a 8 megapixel camera shared from the iPhone 5 as usual. There are a few colors in the iPhone 5C to choose from, thereby confirming the name of iPhone 5C’s C standing for Color. The iPhone 5C will be available in Blue, White, Pink, Yellow, and Green colors, and a few more color cases priced at $29 onwards. The iPhone 5C is the first iPhone breed to come in bright colors (after flat UI in iOS 7, is this another imitation from the Nokia Lumia??) instead of conventional black and white colors. However, the casing is not metal, and is made up of polycarbonate material (again a Nokia Lumia inspired stuff) reinforced with steel.

iPhone 5C casings - Tech Lobe

iPhone 5C casings. Credits: Cnet

Price and availability of the iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5C is intended to free the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S from the Asian markets such as India, Hong Kong , etc., and surprisingly, the iPhone 5 has been completely wiped off the Apple’s product line. The iPhone 5C replaces it. On a contract, iPhone 4S still will be available, but will be free.

The 16 GB version of the iPhone 5C is priced at $99 and the 32GB variant is priced at $199 on a two year contract. Price of the unlocked versions of the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S are still not declared. The iPhone 5C’s availability schedule is exactly the same as the iPhone 5S has.

apple event iPhone 5S iPhone 5C price availability launch - techlobe

Apple’s pricing of the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Note that iPhone 5 is missing. Credits: The Verge

iOS 7: the mobile operating system facelifted

Now coming to the iOS7, we have a lot of news at this section too. iOS 7 gets a big revamp, and the facelift seems much inspired from the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 mobile OS platform, having flat colors instead of the glossy shiny signature style. Today, there are a lot many new announcements, officially.

The guys at Apple have started a livestreaming music service called the Apple radio, meant to compete with Spotify. iOS 7 also comes with a new control center, new ringtones, a new lock screen and a brand new UI. iOS 7 also puts a male voice on SIRI. Personally, I kinda dislike that. I hope Apple aint making a Jarvis from Iron Man series.

The iOS7 will be available to consumers by 18th September 2013, and is a free service upgrade. The iOS 7 will be available for iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th Gen).


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