Nokia Lumia 925 Launched in India


Well, its not much long ago that I posted about launch of Nokia Lumia 625 in India. What great happened apart from the launch of Nokia Lumia 625 that day was that the Finnish smartphone manufacturer also launched one of its flagship models in India, the much awaited Nokia Lumia 925.

So, what’s new with the Nokia Lumia 925

Yes, its new, and sensationally new, because India has been a great marketplace for any business company, and the phone has a series of tweaks that set it apart from its predecessor flagship 920 in India. The Lumia 925 is a premium phone to buy in India and hence it competes with top notch phones flagship phones from the competitor companies, like the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, HTC One, and others. Therefore, today at Techlobe, we’re going to discuss this phone in a little detail.

Nokia Lumia 925 Launched in India - TechLobe

Nokia Lumia 925: The Positive Side

Nokia Lumia 925 by looks, has a lot of appeal in it. For the first time it is a Lumia phone where the company decided not to go with their usual polycarbonate unibody design. Instead, they gave this phone a touch of metal. Yes, the phone has metal lining, but don’t get expectations to have a metal body like that of iPhone 5 or HTC one. The Nokia Lumia 925’s metal body is designated as a frame bordering the phone. On the backside, the familiar polycarbonate material pops in again. The polycarbonate section is available in three color options- white, grey and black. But who cares. Even with this difference, the phone looks much sleek, robust, and appealing.

The Nokia Lumia 925 equips a powerful 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 processor that is a sufficiently monstrous powerhouse. The 1GB RAM make sure there is no lag at all with the phone under extreme processor loads and series of multitasking events. For those going just by specs and putting it in a comparison box with flagship phones of other brands having quad cores and twice the RAM or more, let me make it clear that Windows phones do have a very lesser hunger of the processing powers and can efficiently execute all the tasks with comparatively little. And also, secondly, the number of cores in a smartphone doesn’t actually matter when it comes to processing. Consider reading the link provided.

The Nokia Lumia 925 also boasts of a 4.5 inch AMOLED ClearBlack display with 768×1280 resolution which gives it ultra clear visibility even in bright sunlight. Scratch protection Corning Gorilla Glass 2 adds to the durability of the all screen phone.

The camera provided in the Lumia 925 is an 8.7 megapixel pureview rear camera having Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) with a short pulse high power dual LED flash, capable of shooting 1080p full HD videos at a frame rate of 30fps with total ease. The front side houses a 1.2 Megapixel wide angle HD secondary front camera. The camera of the Nokia Lumia 925 doesn’t give over saturated images as like its predecessor, the Lumia 920, which is again a good factor.

Nokia Lumia 925 Launched in India - TechLobe

Another cheesy Nokia Lumia 925 feature is the presence of its Nokia Glance Clock. In a nutshell, the AMOLED screens are capable of this gig, and Nokia has efficiently converted this for yielding in a better product, and is available on the Nokia’s Amber update of the software versions. The UI is extremely fast, fluid, and vibrant.

The Social Network integration feature within the core OS is a great one, alongwith the free subscription to 7GB skydrive storage space that comes in the box with the Nokia Lumia 925.

The phone is packed with a good powerhouse and the battery will provide a god backup. Battery details of the Nokia Lumia 925 are as follows:

  • Battery Capacity: 2000 MAh
  • Talk time: up to 12.8 hrs (on 3G)
  • Standby time: up to 440 hrs
  • Video playback: up to 6.6 hrs
  • Music playback: up to 55hrs

Nokia Lumia 925: The Flipside

So many of good points, but isn’t there a catch? Well, there’s always one at least.

To start with, the first point that can be listed here is presence of 16GB internal memory. Why didn’t I put this feature in the good points above, is for the reason it is a fixed memory, and is not expandable. Although I personally do not have much issues with so much space, but total usable space of 12GB might be a pain for more and more space mongers. Alternatively, you can use the 7GB skydrive storage to keep some files in the cloud and fetch on the go.

Another problem, which always pops up is availability of lesser apps on the windows store as compared to Apple and Android. This is a problem for sure, but in my view only for those who go with the figures. Almost everything is pre integrated in the core OS. Being a new evolving platform, it should take some time. Even the games like Temple run and apps like foursquare have emerged in the windows phone 8 ecosystem, and soon will be followed by others. And personally, I feel the “2instaWithLove” campaign of Windows phone 8 might do some positive wonders pretty soon. ;)

Overall Verdict

Windows Phone 8 has been a stable, packed ecosystem which makes it less vulnerable, and comparable to iOS in terms of performance and resource utilization. Also, Windows Phone, being Microsoft’s product, is available with the Microsoft native powers like the MS Office, and many more. Nokia has been a pioneer in hardware tuning, the processors and battery utilization, so you will barely find problems with the Nokia Lumia 925. Therefore, if you’d not require much apps and want “something different”, I would say, go for the Nokia Lumia 925. I would rate this one 8/10, certainly.

Price and Availability

As this very article means, the Nokia Lumia 925 is launched now in India, and is available in other markets months before its launch in India. The Phone has been launched sub- INR 35,000. Click the following link to check out the latest price of the Nokia Lumia 925 or buy.

Nokia Lumia 925 Launched in India - TechLobe

Share your views and stay tuned for more.

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